What are the hydraulic transition joints?

Aug 25,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Flared hydraulic joints factory hydraulic system involved in the following spare parts:
Hydraulic oil pump: gear pump, gear oil pump (classification of tooth fit, external tooth), screw pump, axial piston pump, noise reduction screw pump (my enterprise agent sales), manipulation method also many divisions.
Hydraulic solenoid valve: servo valve, proportional valve, servo motor proportional valve, hydraulic reversing valve, regulator, relief valve, speed control valve, hydraulic machine lock, this product, speed control valve, electromagnetic induction speed control valve, synchronous valve, synchronous motor, explosion-proof valve, etc.. The construction has flat plate type, column tube type, external thread cartridge, two-way cartridge, and cumulative type.

Hydraulic machine electric actuator: hydraulic cylinder, oil motor.
Notes:Filter device, pressure gauge, pressure controller, temperature meter, temperature sensor, pressure car relay, pressure gauge power switch, automatic exhaust valve, gate valve, disc valve, shock pad, bell housing coupling, electric motor, level transmitter, displacement sensor, hose assembly, articulation connector.
Hydraulic system and various hydraulic accessories problem summary
01, the hydraulic system has not been useful for a long time, this time after the start, the vibration is very harmful, the noise is quite large, it is not clear what is going on?
It will be placed for a long time, the accumulator N2 leakage, did not have the effect of reducing the pulsation. Check the pressure of N2, make up the pressure or remove and replace the exterior. Noise is caused by vibration, no vibration, it will be cleared.
02, the cylinder is working abnormally, only out can not return, what is the problem?
Stainless steel joint factory to check whether the other end of the cylinder is oil, relay is not speed control, cylinder internal leakage is very more serious. Back to the oil pipeline is not blocked by dirty things.
03、What is the reason for high cylinder start pressure? What are the damages? How to deal with it?
The high starting pressure of the cylinder and the manufacturing quality of the cylinder (such as hydraulic cylinder bending, cylinder sleeve bending, etc.), the way of sealing and installation and other elements related. For servo motor cylinders, high starting pressure harms its dynamic characteristics. For general cylinders, the starting pressure requirement is not as strict as that of servo motor cylinders, but it should not be too high either. Once the welded pipe joint factory found that the starting pressure is high, it must be attentive to the cylinder parts to carry out specifications for retesting, and check the installation quality of the seal.
Summary: 1, the internal friction resistance is too large. 2, the external implementation part has equipment failure.