Issues to consider when selecting transition joints

Aug 17,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
What issues need to be considered when purchasing transition joint bodies?
The specific main purpose of the transition joint body is to connect both sides, and because the products that must be connected are different, the regulations for the transition joint body are also different. We can't make any decisions when it comes to the connector body. Next, we will introduce what you must pay attention to when purchasing a transition connector body:
1. Selection of materials
When purchasing the transition joint body, everyone should understand the characteristics of the joint, so choose the transition joint body of the corresponding material, for example, the organic substances with strong corrosion, high voltage, high impact resistance, etc. have strict requirements on the material of the transition joint. Provisions.
2. Selection of size
Even the same components have different sizes, and even the specifications and models of the joints on both sides are likely to be different. Therefore, before purchasing, you should pay attention to the specifications and models of the objects on both sides and select the transition joint body of the appropriate specification and model. .
3. The choice of price
At this stage, there are not a few companies that sell transition joint bodies on the market, so it is necessary to research the price in advance before ordering, so as to avoid wasting a lot of money. At the same time, if it is within the scope of its own responsibility.
4. Brand selection
There are many brands of transition joints at this stage, and in order to better its quality and subsequent maintenance, it is better to choose a famous production brand as much as possible to prevent harm to yourself.

The principle of hydraulic pipe joints
1. Detailed introduction of hydraulic pipe joints
Hydraulic pipe joint is a connecting component, which is a connecting joint between the hydraulic oil pipe and the high-pressure oil pipe. It has many classifications and can be divided into welded pipe joints, high-pressure hoses, multi-type three-way joints, electric ball valves, etc.
2. The basic principle of hydraulic pipe joints
Different types of connectors have different working principles. Here I will introduce the mechanism related to welded pipe joints. Welded pipe joints are obtained by electric welding. The structure of this three-way joint is very simple, the construction cost is not too high, it is easy to make, and the airtightness is good. It's just that the standard of welding quality is very high, and it is inconvenient to install and disassemble.
3. Removal of hydraulic pipe joints
The cleaning of hydraulic pipe joints is divided into two types: gasoline cleaning and pickling and passivation. Gasoline cleaning is mainly for air-conditioning copper pipes and stainless steel pipes. First, remove the steel pipes and connectors to be cleaned, and use a cloth to dip the gasoline to clean the inside for viewing. platform, and then immediately soak the two sides and the connector in gasoline to clean it up. The post-cleaning specification is not to be able to estimate the contaminants thus visible. The key to pickling and passivation is the seamless steel pipe with serious rust. First, deoil it, wash it with water, and then treat it with anti-rust. Then it must be mixed with caustic soda solution. Be careful not to wash the symbol of the pipe.

Material: Carbon Steel
Pressure: High Pressure
Work Temperature: Normal Temperature
Outer Packing: Carton Packing with Pallet or as Request
Inner Packing: Plastic or as Request
Transport Package: Box or Pallet
HS Code: 7307990000