Introduce that the inner rubber layer of the hydraulic transition joint has the function of protection and improvement

Nov 09,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
The hydraulic hose is mainly composed of a liquid-resistant inner rubber layer, a middle rubber layer, 2 or 4 or 6 layers of steel wire coiled and improved layers, and an outer rubber layer.The outer rubber layer protects the steel wire from being damaged, and the steel wire layer is the frame material for strengthening.
Hydraulic hoses are mainly suitable for coal mine hydraulic support, oil and gas field mining, construction engineering, lifting hoisting and transportation, metallurgical industry casting, mining machinery and equipment, ships, injection molding machinery and equipment, agricultural machinery, various CNC lathes and their various Industry machinery automation, automation technology and hydraulic transmission system to transport crude oil based (such as mineral oil, soluble oil, gear oil, gasoline and diesel oil, grease) and water-based liquids with a certain working pressure (higher working pressure) and ambient temperature ( Such as emulsified oil, water-oil emulsion, water), etc. and liquid transmission system, the maximum pressure resistance can reach 60MPa.

Hydraulic seals are mainly O-ring seals, annular seal rings and square seals, etc., which make them simple in structure, easy to manufacture, and low cost. Therefore, they are the dynamic seals used in the hydraulic transmission system. Parts and packing seal components. It is precisely because of those structural features that their performance characteristics are created.
1. The liquid chemicals inside are not easy to leak, and it has excellent airtightness. Even in harsh environments such as high pressure and high temperature, the leakage of hydraulic seals does not increase significantly.
2. Has excellent compatibility. Because hydraulic seals are immersed in oil for a long time, it is very easy to solubilize, melt or become embrittled and harden, which makes them lack the sealing effect. Therefore, it is stipulated that the manufacturer of customized transition joints has excellent compatibility with gear oil.