Application of hydraulic transition joints in production and life

Nov 17,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
The connection between metal pipe connectors and hose connectors can often be seen in production and life, and the connection methods of customized welded joints are also various. The characteristics of the connection methods and methods of metal pipes and hoses in production and life are explained in detail, the advantages and disadvantages of various connection methods are analyzed, and the structure and basic principles of a metal material hose joint are explained in detail Principle and expected effect of application.
Compared with metal composite material hard pipes, the connection between various non-metallic material hoses and metal composite material hard pipes has two points of connection and does not require the direction and degree required by metal composite material hard pipes. , can be moved relatively freely after connection.

In daily production and daily life, the connection between metal pipes and various non-metallic hoses is very common: in oil field production, the connection between the well room coil fan boiler stove nozzle and the gas pipeline; metering The connection between the ignition tube of the station water cooler furnace and the air flow pipeline; the on-site verification of the steam flow meter in the deep injection well, the connection of the rubber hose and the inlet and outlet pipeline of the steam flow meter in the deep injection well; the connection between the steam inlet and outlet of the steam vehicle and the steam nozzle; When on-site calibration, measurement and detection of sorting equipment, the sorting equipment is filled with water, the connection of sewage pipelines; in daily life, the connection of liquefied natural gas tanks, natural gas gas-liquid pipelines and household water heaters, gas stoves; shower nozzles and cold water boiling water power supply The connection of the main switch; the connection of the rubber hose of the green garden water cooler and the tap water pipeline (for production: the connection of the pneumatic control valve pipeline of the natural gas engine), etc.
Because in production and life, the current connection method of metal pipe and hose and the method of custom-made transition pipe joints have a lot of inconvenience in the operation process; the connection is not reliable enough, and the political concept of some connection hoses is not worthwhile, so we designed a metal pipe Pipe and hose connectors.