What is the principle of hydraulic pipe joints?

May 28,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
One, introduction of hydraulic pipe joints
Hydraulic pipe joint is a connection component, a connection joint between high-pressure oil pipe and high-pressure oil pipe. It has many classifications, which can be divided into welded pipe joints, high-pressure hoses, transition pipe joints, high-pressure ball valves, etc.
Second, the principle of hydraulic pipe joints
Different types of joints have different principles. Here, I will introduce the relevant principles of welded pipe joints. As the name suggests, welded pipe joints are welded, and the joint and the pipe are sealed with a circular shape. The structure of this pipe joint is relatively simple, the manufacturing cost is not high, it is relatively easy to manufacture, and the sealing performance is good. It's just that the welding quality is very demanding, and it is inconvenient to install and disassemble.
Third, the cleaning of hydraulic pipe joints
The cleaning of hydraulic pipe joints is divided into kerosene cleaning and acid cleaning. Kerosene cleaning is mainly for copper pipes and stainless steel pipes. First, remove the pipes and joints to be cleaned. The ends and joints are directly soaked in kerosene for cleaning. The standard after cleaning is that there should be no visible contaminants. Pickling is mainly for steel pipes with severe corrosion. First, degrease, wash with water, then remove rust, and then neutralize it with lye. Be careful not to wash out the marks on the pipe.