What is a copper-aluminum transition joint?

Dec 20,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Copper-aluminum transition joints play a great role in daily life. People also prefer transition joints of this material. Let’s take a look today and see some things related to this transition joint.

1. Introduction to the joints and introduction to the scope of application
Ningbo Laike produces different types of joints, including hydraulic hose joints, transition joints and hose assemblies. What we call copper-aluminum transition joints is a type of transition street.

This kind of joint has a wide range of uses. It can be used in industries such as mining, mechanical parts, transportation vehicles, ship maintenance, and oilfield mining. In the design of many companies, the design of copper pipe joints follows the overall principle, paying attention to the use effect and playing an anti-oil design.

2. There are rules for the purchase of copper-aluminum transition joints
We already know that there are many types of joints, and the scope of use of joints is relatively wide, and there are different types of joints in different fields. If it is determined that the copper-aluminum transition joint is to be selected, then, in order to be able to select the corresponding model, we must further query the corresponding connector model. The next step is to select the company and purchase the connector.

Before buying, it is not necessary to have a thorough understanding of all connectors. But you must have a detailed understanding of the model you want to buy, so as to ensure normal splicing and use after purchase.

3. What you need to pay attention to when looking at this transition joint material
There are currently 8 types of transition joints. These 8 models are represented by 4 codes, so when we choose to buy this transition joint, we need to pay special attention to the street of copper and aluminum, which letter is used. Everyone should remember that the code name of the copper and aluminum material is BR.

In addition, you can also understand that if the transition joint is made of carbon steel, it does not indicate the material code. If the material is stainless steel, there are three situations: the code of stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti is SS; the code of 0Cr18Ni9Ti is SR; 316 The code name is SU.