What are the use of transition joints? What issues need to pay attention to in use?

Oct 08,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Transition joints are now widely used in our lives, especially in pipeline connection and cable laying, which have become an essential tool, especially in the current development of the new infrastructure. . As the most mainstream joint product, let me know what is the use of the transition joint? What issues need to pay attention to?
What are the use of transition joints? What issues need to pay attention to in use?
First, what are the use of transition joints?
Excessive connections currently use a wide range, and its main role is to play a cohesive role in two different models, especially in two fields of telecommunications and power, and their role can be seen. For example, when the pipe is not bent due to the material, the excessive joint is needed to connect two pipes, so that the effect of bending can be used.
Second, the test head consideration
During the installation of excessive joints, be sure to determine whether the pipe caliber used is consistent with the aperture of the transition joint, and doing prevent leak-leaking prevents corrosion in the installation process. After all, whether the pipe is used as the protection of the cable fiber or the carrier of the liquid and the gas carrying channel, the sealing is the premise that the sealing must be considered. At the same time, while ensuring sufficient sealing, it is necessary to do anti-corrosion processing.
The above is the analysis of the problem of excessive joints for use, and the problem needs to be paying attention to when the installation is installed. Nowadays, the application of electricity and communication industries is very popular, especially due to the rapid development of new infrastructure, the market demand for transition joints. Increase, understand these issues, will avoid many unnecessary troubles in future use.