What are the precautions for hydraulic pipe joints in use?

Sep 23,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
The hydraulic pipe joint is mainly a role in the hydraulic system, so it is also in a relatively important location, after all, the pressure and impact force of the connection are stronger, which is also very high for the joint requirements. In the process of the use of the hydraulic pipe joint, if there is an error operation, it is easy to cause irreparable consequences. Here, the following are the precautions in the process of use:
First, avoid using sealant and other items in the joint
In order to ensure the sealing of the hydraulic pipe joints, it is easy to use a sealing glue within or near the hydraulic joint, which is easily caused by the internal blockage of the pressure and drama increase.
Second, one-time installation
When installing the hydraulic pipe joint, be careful to be installed one-time installation, avoid multiple disassembly, easy to cause wear of the interface to generate leakage.
Third, post-installation test
When the hydraulic pipe joint is installed, the overall pipe is used to convey the test, mainly to test whether there is leakage in the hydraulic joint, and the overall impact resistance.
Fourth, the environment near the joint is friendly
The importance of hydraulic pipe joints also makes it a certain requirement for the environment, and nearby ambient temperature should be stable, avoiding the occurrence of thermal expansion, while avoiding corrosive gas liquids, reducing corrosion causes leakage possibility.
Through the above introduction, I have a clear understanding of the problem that the hydraulic pipe joint needs attention during the use process. The transition joint is important responsibility. Therefore, we should also pay more attention to the use of pipelines.