What are the methods to prevent corrosion of stainless steel tubing joints

Dec 01,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
The stainless steel tubing joint is a small part, which is mainly composed of a joint body, a ferrule and a nut. Its main function is to enhance the sealing performance of the joint, improve the pressure bearing and seismic resistance and so on. At present, this kind of joint is mainly used in hydropower engineering, petroleum and other liquid industries. Although it is widely used, corrosion often occurs. Let me share with you how to prevent it from corroding.

1. Strictly control the materials
Although stainless steel tubing joints are not easy to corrode, you still need to be cautious. How to prevent it from corrosion? Generally, the material selection is comprehensively considered, mainly in terms of joints and stainless steel. Therefore, manufacturers can choose stainless steel with stronger corrosion resistance, which can better prevent its corrosion, so as to meet the service life of the pipeline.

2. Electrochemical protection
For electrochemical protection, it is indeed possible to actively prevent it from being corroded, but this technology is relatively not widely used. This method is mainly to set up protector protection, cathodic protection and anode protection methods.

3. Surface coating
At present, for the problem of corrosion of stainless steel tubing joints, it is common to use higher corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials, and in addition to coating it. These two aspects are the most common, but there are also precautions when surface coating. For example, the surface of stainless steel is required to be smooth, and the material of the coating should meet the requirements, and it should not cause harm to the human body.

The above three methods can effectively prevent corrosion of stainless steel tubing joints. Although the first and third methods are more common, it is generally recommended to consider comprehensively and choose the most suitable method.