The main causes of oil leakage in tubing joints and their solutions

Dec 14,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Oil pipe joints are currently used more frequently in various projects and have a wider range of use. It is inevitable that oil leakage will occur during this degree of use. As long as the cause of the oil leakage is found and the cause is quickly resolved, Can reduce losses, the following describes the various reasons and solutions for oil pipe joint leakage:

1. Material reasons
If the material of the tubing interface is not suitable, it is easy to cause rust inside, which affects the flow of internal liquid or the interface leaks, resulting in oil leakage at the tubing interface. The main solution is to switch to stainless steel or tubing connections that are not prone to rust.

2. Operation error
The oil pipe excuse may be misaligned due to the operation during installation, or the installation may be too tight or too loose. Such operations may cause gaps and oil leakage. The best solution is to re-install according to the instructions.

3. Product quality issues
The tubing interface may have burrs or small nicks during production, which may cause oil leakage. The best solution is to solve the burrs or gaps by cutting.

The type of the tubing interface and its associated pipeline may be leaky due to unequal connection. The best solution is to match related tubing joints according to the model.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the main causes of oil leakage in tubing joints. At the same time, when the above problems are discovered, there will be corresponding solutions to avoid being at a loss when such situations occur and causing greater losses.