The application of Hose Nipple Parts when used for cars

May 08,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS

Racing is not just for the pros anymore. It has taken NASCAR, or more commonly known as Nationwide Motor Racing to a whole new level of popularity. From local tracks to national races, the sport has had a major impact on the racing industry. This has made many drivers very lucrative in the long run.

NASCAR, also known as just Nascar to some, has become known for more than just racing though. They have been making their own innovations into their competition set ups and even set ups for races. One such innovation came about because of how they built Hose Nitro to be compatible with several different sets of tires. With this innovation, drivers could choose what set of tires they wanted to use for a particular race.

Before this innovation though, Hose nipples were just simple nozzles used to release air from inside the car. The nozzles themselves were made out of brass tubing that extended down past the car's headlights. These nozzles were then attached to the top of a hood. Hoses would then be attached to the front end of the car, using bolts and air lines. These air lines, of course, would also be connected to the nitro tank.

Hose nipples were designed so that when air was released, the air pressure would equalize across the nipple. The air pressure in the tank would force the air into the air lines thus creating a stream of fast-moving air that was pushed to the front of the car. There would be enough pressure in the stream to create a hole in the tire but not enough pressure to cause the tire to blow up. When the air stream hit the surface of the track, it created a friction effect that forced the balls on the edge of the tire to push back to the inner tube thus creating the hole in the tire.

Nitro cars were created with the exact opposite set of nipples. The nipples for these cars were made out of brass tubing. The length of the tubes that covered the nipples was much shorter than those that were used for stock vehicles. In this way, there was less pressure in the stream created by the air pressure and there were fewer chances of the balls in the tires to pop. Nitro owners were much happier with their new system.

How do you tell if your car has a hose nipple? Look at the timing belt. The timing belt is a piece of metal that attaches to the engine and moves along with the car. If you see an "H" shaped mark in the timing belt where the hoses attach, then you most likely have a hose nipple.

What can you do with a hose nipple? They make great racecar accessories as they do add speed and power to any car. You can purchase them separately from the rest of the kit or you can buy them as part of the nitro kit. Many aftermarket auto parts stores sell replacement hoses with any brand of engine.

A hose nipple will probably cost more than it's worth unless you seriously plan on building a super car or racing a lot. I have seen them sold online for $200, but they're definitely not the cheapest thing you can buy. The quality of them are so far above the cost that they justify the price. If you're an auto mechanic who isn't afraid to spend some money, I would suggest that you look into replacing the exhaust system of your car with one of these hoses. I've heard of many people that had success with this modification and it may be something that you want to try as well.