Proper operation method of stainless steel quick coupling

Jul 26,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Stainless steel quick coupling is a joint that can be connected or broken without special tools. Quick couplings can be divided into: quick couplings for gas, quick couplings for co2 gas, quick couplings for vapor and liquid, quick couplings for vapor pressure, quick couplings for rare gases, quick couplings for refrigeration temperature oil, quick couplings for semiconductor materials . So how should stainless steel quick couplings be used correctly, and what must be paid attention to?
1. Standards. The environmental humidity, floating dust and its erodibility of the working environment are very harmful to the actual effect of the joint application. Before application, you should integrate the characteristics of the type, material, and sealing material of stainless steel quick couplings, and use suitable quick couplings.
2. Installation. According to the size of the liquid volume, the type and specification of the joint should be clarified. In addition, the corresponding type and specification of the through pipe should be configured. Make sure that the selected quick connectors are connected with the same external threads. When connectors of different well-known brands appear during the whole application process, the female and male connectors of the same well-known brand should be used in conjunction with each other. Consult with the technical personnel of the commodity supplier to determine the application before proceeding.
3. Application. The quick coupling should not exceed the working pressure limit of the larger application in the operating state, and the temperature, environmental humidity, and erodibility of the working environment should also be controlled within the scope of application. Do not destroy the quick connector intentionally. If there is any problem with the connector, you should immediately find a technical professional technician to repair it, and you cannot disassemble or assemble it casually by yourself.