Analysis of 3 main differences between stainless steel quick connector and carbon steel quick connector

Aug 03,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS

The design rules of stainless steel quick connectors and carbon steel quick connectors are not universal. There are 3 main differences, summarized below:

First, stainless steel produces work hardening during cold working, for example, it has anisotropy when bending, that is, the transverse and longitudinal properties are different.
The increase in strength from cold working can be used, although this increase in strength can increase the safety factor to some extent if the bending area is small compared to the total area and this increase is negligible.

Second, the shape of the stress/strain curve is different.
The elastic limit of stainless steel is about 50% of the yield stress, which is lower than that of medium carbon steel, as far as the small value specified in the standard is concerned.

Third, stainless steel has no yield point, usually expressed as ó 0.2, the yield stress is considered as the equivalent value.