Hydraulic transition joint installation method

Oct 15,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Hydraulic transition joints are also very common to our daily life, especially if one of the hydraulic transition joint categories can adjust the direction, so excavators or heavy machines such as loaders in life. In the hydraulic system of the lift, it can often be seen, but this hydraulic joint tests the installation technique. Once an error occurs, it is easy to get harm. Tell you how to install hydraulic transition connections today.
step one
There is a partial lock nut on the hydraulic transition joint, first we want to rotate it to the left until the principle washer, followed by the same steps as the same step, but rotate it to the left side.
Step two
Place the hydraulic transition connector on the tip to be installed, but it is worth noting that this step cannot be used, you must use our hands and adjust it in later periods.
Step three
This step is to use a wrench, to fix the nut, because the nut is needed to secure, so use the wrench, and the torque at the time of use cannot be lower than the relevant regulations.
Step four
There is a part on the hydraulic transition joint, when we complete the previous step, when we fix the nut, we should pay attention to the joint body can't rotate together, otherwise the installation step is not successful, and it will be unfavorable in use. Influence, so we must use a wrench or similar things to fix the joint body.
When we install the hydraulic transition joint, we must strictly abide by the above steps, otherwise it is easy to cause the washer deformation on the joint, and it is impossible to maintain its sealing performance. Only use of the correct installation method, our hydraulic transition joint can play its role and have a normal service life.