What components are needed for brass fittings?

Jan 24,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
1. Coupling: A coupling is a component used to connect two pipes. You can get these components in different lengths and sizes.
2. Nipple head: The nipple head is basically a tube. It is used to connect two fittings and is often used in piping solutions. The component is made of copper or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.
3. T-shirt: Tee is another important plumbing fitting used to provide a stable flow of any liquid.
4. Reducer: When you want to connect two pipes with different widths. In this case, use a reducer.
5. Elbow: This part has the shape of a human elbow. It is used to change the direction of the pipe by 45°C or 90°C.
6. Cross: As the name implies, this component has a cross shape, with four branches in opposite directions. One of the four crosses is used as an entrance, while the remaining three branches are used as an exit.