Common problems in the application of stainless steel joints

Aug 23,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Common problems and characteristics of the application of stainless steel joints  
When stainless steel is continuously used for a period of time, it is very prone to common failures, such as falling, leakage and other problems often occur. However, there will be a lot of problems with imported stainless steel joints of the same series. Before applying the stainless steel quick coupling, check the leakage condition. If it exists, it should be stopped immediately and replaced with a new product. In addition, make sure that the gas welding gun gate valve is turned off before starting the connection.
Do not use stainless steel quick couplings for the main purpose other than the connection head, such as infiltration of metal powder or sand dust, etc., which are likely to cause inability to work or leakage. When applying, insert the hose firmly into the bottom of the socket, and fix it with a hose belt or a nut. Prevent the use of cracked hoses to avoid leaks and falls. If there is vibration or shock in the application, the work should be stopped immediately, if the compulsory summary will reduce the performance of the equipment.
It should also be noted that when using stainless steel joints, the maximum working pressure limit should not be exceeded. The liquid used must be a clean liquid that has been filtered by the filter device, and there is no other residue inside. During work, the temperature should be controlled within the scope of application of stainless steel quick couplings to avoid wearing out or leaking rubber seals. Do not knock, bend, or pull the connector by human factors to avoid damage to the connector.
1. Cost-saving: When disconnecting and connecting the oil circuit according to the quick connector, the posture is simple, time-saving, labor-saving and human resources.
2. Fuel saving: When the oil circuit is broken, the single engineering valve on the quick connector can close the oil circuit, so that the oil is not easy to drain and prevent the vapor pressure of the hydraulic oil from being damaged.
3. Environmental protection: When the quick connector is broken and connected, the oil is not easy to spill and protect the ecological environment.
4. The design of mechanical equipment is unique, and it is convenient to transport: large and medium-sized machinery and equipment or hydraulic tools that must be easy to carry should be transported after being split by quick couplings, and assembled and applied after arriving at the arrival station.
5. Economic development: All the above advantages create economic value for customers.