Common four transition joints

Sep 28,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
The transition joint is a connection between the different pipes, but as it is increasingly widely used, there is a more and more different forms of transition joints, such as copper aluminum on the material, and functions Hydraulic, the same in the form, there are four common forms, and today I will introduce you in detail.
Form 1: angle bend
As with its name, this transition joint is to make the front portion into a right angle, which can be connected to two pipes of different planes, such as water pipes that are usually places in the corners, often need to use this transition joint. Make vertical water pipes can be developed horizontally and save space and convenience.
Form 2: straight-through type
This is the most common simpler joint, which is similar to a pipe, which is connected to both ends that are not connected, but it is still a state of the horizontal, and there is no change in the direction of some pipelines.
Form three: three-way
As the name suggests, this connector has three different directions, which can be connected to the three directions, usually these three directions are perpendicular, like a corner model. It is also widely used in life.
Form four: four-way
This model is more than a three-way shape, just like the four different directions of the crossroads Unicom, in life, the items in four different directions can be connected together to give full play to the function of the transition joint connectivity.
Understand the connection of these four common transition connections, in life, we can purchase according to our specific needs, of course, the price of different connection methods will also be different, we are choosing Don't choose a connector that can connect to items, and choose the most suitable yourself.